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Lon Bartel. “Use Of Force Expert.” Episode Three.

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Welcome to Episode Three of “Answers For Real Men!”  In today’s show I get to do something that I believe all my years of teaching, coaching and training has prepared me for.  Working with the many young men I was fortunate to coach many years ago.  It really is an honor and something I feel blessed about.  My guest is a former Police Officer with the Peoria Police Department here in Arizona.  He is now a “Subject Matter Expert for Law Enforcement, in what’s known as “Use of Force Training.”  His name is Lon Bartel.  I am so proud of what this  Man has become over the past 31 years.  In this interview Lon brings a wealth of knowledge in behavioral psychology through his personal growth and professional training.  Lon will share some amazing stories that he has encountered in almost 20 years of Police work.  But the real value that Lon brings us besides being a first line defender of our communities, is that he’s a great Dad and Husband.  Becoming this has been a Hard journey for Lon, which he will share.  Like in his job as a Police Officer, Lon was willing and able to make the Hard choices in his professional and personal life.  Those choices continue to mold and shape this amazing man into who he is today and who he will become in the future.  I know you are truly in for a treat.

I know you are in for a treat.  Please sit back and enjoy how Lon Bartel will stimulate your heart and mind with his wonderful stories and passion for life.

Lon Bartel is a special Man who will bring great value to the Answers For Real Men Team.  I’m proud to “Lock Arms” with this man on our manhood journey.

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Arnie Fonseca, Jr; "Coach Arnie." Is a Men's Life Strategist. Being an Exercise Physiologist working with traumatic injuries for over 30 years has allowed Coach Arnie to develop specific strategies to help Men overcome daunting challenges in life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. He truly believes "We are Better Together!"

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