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Laser Show Number 5: “Change is Hard. Real Hard!”

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In today’s show I want to talk about “Change.”  This seems to be so hard for people, myself included.  No one likes to change, unless they must because of pain or excitement to want change in their life.  I’m constantly working on it.  Let me remind you of a saying I’ve been using a lot lately, “Hard Choices Easy Life, Easy Choices, Hard Life!”  Change is about getting started.  The energy it takes to start the process is like that needed to launch a rocket ship.  Most of us find ourselves in a warm comfy “Safe Harbor” where it’s very difficult to find the energy to move, even if it’s not the best place for us.  It’s just too comfortable!  But once we start, the journey gets crazy! All Chaos breaks out!  If we can hold on for a few weeks we have a chance.  The problem, most can’t.  But if you can, when things settle down you can begin installing the new behaviors needed for real change to take place.  Easier said than done!  But from start to finish I believe anyone can change something in 90 days, if they truly must and want to.  Actually, the science says it takes 66 days to change!  Which means I’m allowing a few extra days to deal with stuff that always comes up.  Lastly with Change we must have patience.  The key is to be making progress.  I’m a big believer in things being in God’s timing not mine.  We must trust the process.

I’ve also come up with several questions that we can ask ourselves which will help us identify where change may need to happen in our life.  They are meant to have you think.  Not to feel bad.  Remember we all can change if we want to.  These questions are just a guide.

1.  Do you like where you are?
2.  Is the future exciting to you?
3.  Have you made a wrong turn?
4.  Do you know why you’re here?
5.  Is there a cause in your life that your excited about?
6.  Is something dying inside of you?
7.  Is something missing in your life?
8.  What makes you come alive?
9.  Are you having fun in life?
10.  Are you planning a Man-Size Adventure?

Men we need to take a chance, break the conformity and just Go for it!  Risk it!

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Let’s do this!


About the author, arnie

Arnie Fonseca, Jr; "Coach Arnie." Is a Men's Life Strategist. Being an Exercise Physiologist working with traumatic injuries for over 30 years has allowed Coach Arnie to develop specific strategies to help Men overcome daunting challenges in life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. He truly believes "We are Better Together!"

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