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Laser Show Number 4. “Accept Responsibility.”

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Responsibility:  The state of having a duty to deal with something or having control over something or someone.  This is the dictionary definition of Responsibility.  In today’s show, I will go deep in our discussion as it pertains to how accepting Responsibility for the different areas of one’s life is one of the pillars of what I believe it takes to being a Real Man.

Victor Frankl in his Classic work, “Man’s Search For Meaning,”  describes how if someone is doing some kind of work that they find significant, they are more likely to be Responsible for the effort they put forward.  If they Love, such as in caring for another human being.  Including yourself!  They are more likely going to be more passionate about being Responsible for doing what is necessary for that person having the opportunity to have a better life.  Lastly having courage or showing bravery in difficult times is something one shows or does when we are Responsible for others, again, including one’s self!

I will discuss how having a cause.  Something to dedicate one’s life to.  The pursuit of that cause will, many times, bring us the happiness will all crave.  How it’s not about trading your effort for an equal return from the other person.  It’s about unconditional Love.  That is the greater reward!  One can’t achieve the greater reward if you don’t step up.  If we walk away from accepting the Responsibility for these areas of our life, such as family, work and our spirituality.  The greater reward will slip away from us.  I know that as Men, if we Choose to make the Hard choices that life will bring us, that our lives will be easier.  If we continue to choose to make easy choices, pushing away from the Hard ones.  Our lives will be tough!  We must step up and choose well!

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About the author, arnie

Arnie Fonseca, Jr; "Coach Arnie." Is a Men's Life Strategist. Being an Exercise Physiologist working with traumatic injuries for over 30 years has allowed Coach Arnie to develop specific strategies to help Men overcome daunting challenges in life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. He truly believes "We are Better Together!"

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