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Benedict Dugger. “The Grand Canyon Guru.” A True Grand Canyon Expert!

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This is my Fifth Episode of Answers For Real Men. I’m really excited about this episode as I get to learn from one of the true experts in crossing and exploring below the rim of Grand Canyon.  Not only is he a great resource but a great friend!

Benedict Dugger grew up in the Netherlands and discovered athletics and his love for the outdoors at a young age; a love that has stayed with him throughout his life and still continues to grow. He moved to the US as a young adult in large part to be able to explore the great outdoors America consists of. His travels around the country culminated in an irresistible draw towards Arizona, the Grand Canyon state, where he now resides.

Benedict Dugger first discovered the incredible world that exists below the Grand Canyon Rim in 2012 while trail running and hiking down to the Colorado River and back up in a day. It turned out to be a life-changing experience. He felt a sense of being at home, at peace, and aliveness unlike anywhere else on Earth. The Grand Canyon represented an opportunity to be both physically, mentally and emotionally challenged, and rewarded in infinite ways. and on unparalleled scales.

Since his first adventure below the Rim Benedict has covered over 1,000 miles of Grand Canyon trails, has done 16 Rim to Rim to Rim crossings, including 2 double Rim to Rim to Rims of 100 miles each in just over a day. But more importantly than distance or time, he has come realize that every moment at the Grand Canyon is one of deep enjoyment, reverence and amazing beauty, by himself or with others.

The Grand Canyon is a unique place to share with and celebrate with like minded people from all over the world. Benedict knew that he wanted to share his range of experiences and the possibility for others to have similar experiences with as many other people as possible in ways that would make a profound difference both on a personal and a community level.

As part of that mission, he started an online community platform on Facebook in 2013 that now 3 years later reaches over 50,000 people from all over the world and includes active Facebook group forums with over 25,000 members.

Benedict also personally advises, coaches and trains hundreds of people a year who are planning and getting ready for their first or repeat Grand Canyon trail visit and adventure below the Rim, including through his Canyon Coaching program.

Most importantly, Benedict believes that the Grand Canyon is worth visiting and experiencing at least once in your life for anyone who has the time and means to do so, and he loves helping other people make that a reality.


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