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Better Together

A man needs to be held accountable by other men in his life. Once a man learns that a Real Man has learned that he must do four things in his life in order to fulfill his masculine calling. It is up to him to find other strong, grounded men to lock onto. These men will be responsible for holding him accountable. That's what Answers For Real Men is all about. A community of like minded men who will hold each other accountable for the follow:

Rejecting Passivity

Accepting Responsibility for his life.

Leading Courageously.

Expecting the greater reward in life for doing what's right.

Life is a team sport. It's not meant to be played alone. When strong men are tied to other strong men like when climbing a mountain. The slips in life won't be as traumatic, like they would if you were alone. Because other strong men are there to catch you and pull you. That' s the mission of Answers for Real men.