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Welcome to Answers For Real Men!

Are you a Man searching for Answers to help clear up the confusion in your life?  If so you have found the right place.  Answers For Real Men is about bringing you real stories about Real Men who have struggles just like YOU! Just Maybe their story could provide the Answers and Inspiration you need to take your ordinary life to the extraordinary one that you desire!

Welcome to Answers For Real Men!

I love Arnie!  He has changed my life! Arnie has helped me streamline my vision so I have step by step direction for my business and life. Arnie has added room for personal and business growth that has enhanced my life tremendously. I dream big and go large today because of Arnie.

Arnie Fonseca Jr, you have been a true gift for me and my family.
                                                                            Coach Reggie McGill

About me and my podcast

Hey, this is Coach Arnie!  I am so happy and excited to have you on the Answers For Real Men Team!  Together we are going to do great things!  I have learned that us Men need to learn to Lock Arms and work together to first learn the definition of a Real Man.  And second, become a Real Man.  That comes from working together by being locked into other strong, grounded men.  Bottom line, we are Better and Stronger Together! Please share with all the Men you know, young and old.  It's our time Men!

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By providing your name and email you will not only be the first to know when a new episode is available but you can also schedule a Totally FREE Session with Coach Arnie to talk about whatever is on your mind.  Coach Arnie believes that Life is a Team Sport and that Men need to Lock Arms with other Men.  This is another way we can provide that for you!